K Line



K Line ® has been built to change the way people think in dentistry, we think of ourselves as artists not business people. We always put in our minds that thinking different and being unique is one of the key points of our success. K Line ® has been and always will be delivering massive value to thousands and thousands of people.


K Line ® is implementing new ideas into the field of dentistry and showing the world the other side of the coin. Many new products are being manufactured lately in K Line ®. With such a broad spectrum of services and positive signs from the market, K Line ® found itself in an optimal position for initiating growth. But in order to grow, K Line ® needed to streamline its business. The company required a system that could enable faster throughput without compromising its high standards and without costly expansion of their technician staff and facilities. K Line ® has succeeded in implementing this model, as you will find later in this subject.



Baby born 2008

K Line ® started when company investors and founders, started building the company as a baby company from a huge dental company, and where many private practices that could serve very well.


Catching up 2009-2010

K Line ® started from nearly nothing, to bigger and bigger, to really BIG. K Line ® had so much to catch up with in the world of Clear Aligners, which proved to everyone, how the basic standards were always the key to its success and the road to uniqueness. K Line ® was supported by many German technologies. The company reached in these two years an average of 12 employees, starting from just two employees in 2008. K Line ® showed up like a growing Lion in many conferences and exhibitions rendering K Line ® a well-established position between competing companies Worldwide.


Speeding up 2011-2012

The company has grown tremendously fast, reaching over 25 employees in very short time, and the service coverage has been expanded off shores. The search for new ideas and talents has been a turning point for K Line ®, and always will be. Many allies are joining K Line ®´s lead, which also added more value. Huge investments in new technology also put K Line ® on the tip of the Ice berg and pushed it to a new era, we call it the “K Line era”, as K Line ® has added value to its business through high tech 3D technology. To this date K Line ® has treated more than 10,000 patients, this puts it on top of the highly growing dental companies.


Expansion 2013

Success after success added to K Line the opportunity to expand easily and start opening up branches off shores rather than having distributors around the world. K Line products are expected to have a huge share in the European, Australian, Asian and African markets.




Clear Aligners “K Line ® “ since 2008

This is the core business K Line ® works in, and that´s the part we think we are special at. It is where the company started and elites in. Clear Aligners are invisible trays that fit on teeth and move them step by step till they aid teeth to reach a position where they are straight and look amazingly aligned. To fabricate these aligners we have specialists on hand and 3D CAD CAM technology to keep us always in the lead.


K Smile since 2010

This is another unique product K Line ® has developed after intensive research and development, this product makes us really look fantastically unique Worldwide, no one does it better than we do, nor even the way we do it, that´s why this product is growing very well since its start. K Smile is a removable cover for teeth we call it “ removable veneers”, it masques many teeth problems and gives the patient the smile they have always dreamt of.

K Silensor since 2012

This product added value to the range of fields we are in, as this amazing product is concerned with sleep medicine. It treats the Sleep apnea and snoring problems. It is a very simple and magnificent device.

K Jewels since 2012

For the first time, teeth Jewels are not bonded to teeth, they are removable Jewels; this is a breakthrough in the world of Cosmetics. Many patients love this new idea, and consider it as best option for wearing teeth Jewelry.

K Veneers since 2013

We find this truly unique and will hit records to compete with our main product “ Clear Aligners” very soon. Since its launch, so many dentists have seeked this product, and ordered many veneers. Inspite only since 2 February 2013, this product is growing hugely since launched. K Veneers are a true Hollywood smile makeover, as they are very thin shells of teeth that are attached easily to teeth, requiring no teeth preparation, no anesthesia, thus preserving tooth structure, and treating so many cosmetic problems patients and dentists thought it would be impossible to be done before K Veneers.

K Lite 2013 – 2014

We think this is the “big bang”, for the first time dental world will meet the nutritional world, as K Line ® will be unleashing this splendid new product designed to help people loose weight effectively in very short time. Details of this exquisite product will be unleashed very soon.

Finally We have succeeded in building and growing this business to reach many customers all around the globe. K Line ® managed to deliver what it promised from the begging, a unique, amazing, detailed, and consistent product. K Line ® serves its growing worldwide customer base, we deliver and work with passion, that´s why our customers love us.