Clear Aligners


What are Clear Aligners?

K Line aligners are the perfect substitute for braces in most cases that requiring teeth straightening.


Teeth straightening has never become that easy:

A.Snap the aligner over your teeth

B.Teeth move according to previously planned tooth movement by our specialists on

3D designing software.

C.After nearly each week, the aligner is changed to the following one in the correct





Why choose K Line?


There could be several companies out there, but the difference is Science and precision.

That’s why K Line has always been so successful, as it put much effort to provide you through Science and latest technology with the best treatment outcome.

We always think of ourselves as artists rather than business people, We deliver our services and products with heart and passion. That is Why K Line is number 1.





K Line Clear Aligners advantages for dentists


It is very delightful for us to always be there for you when you need us.
We are partners in your business we work with you with extreme passion and dedication.

K Line will always provide you so many advantages;

  1. K Line company dedicated for perfection and highest quality in the market, bringing the theme “Germany product” of real value.


B.Fastest aligner production service, you could receive your aligners in only one week.
C.Best prices ,we have discovered a unique way to provide you amazing prices for your patients and also earn much more than before.


D.Flexibility in applying the business is an amazing feature we have, whatever tools you xxhave to help share in the aligner fabrication cycle, we will use it for you and thus decrease costs even more.


E.Reliable, fast and warm customer service will leave you with an incredible experience.
F.You will discover new services with your aligner delivery you have never seen before.
G.K Line uses cutting edge 3D planning technology, to make very accurate precise tooth movements.


H.K Line has specialists in the Clear Aligner field since so long, the treatment is handled through very well experienced and scientific based experts.